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Spin Coater?

Navson Technologies specializes in designing and fabricating high precision scientific lab equipment, like spin coaters, required in research centers, labs and institutions throughout the world.


Research and Development

We predict the future of research by creating it. Navson aims to establish a world class research and development center for Material Research and Nanotechnology.

Quality and Innovation

Research is the reason behind the world at present. Navson provides the support you need to perform better research and an encouraging environment.

Design and Fabrication

Navson specializes in design and development of high precision scientific lab equipment that give the best user experience and top notch results for fabrication of coatings.



Navson Technologies bring state-of-the-art thin film coating, curing and testing systems. From critical laboratory applications to advanced production systems, Navson customers benefit from technology that delivers unmatched accuracy and reliability.



I was impressed with the professional attitude of Navson Technologies staff when they visited our institute to showcase their instrument NT12000 that operates without the need for vacuum pump. Subsequently we initiated procurement of this item and from day one their sales and technical staff worked with us to deliver it on time. This is working fine with us and they provide us all the after sales support. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for this product to get in touch with them at the very earliest.

Dr. M.N. Satyanarayan,
Associate Professor, Physics Department, NITK, Surathkal
I congratulate Navson on their StartUp. We are using their instrument NT12000 since last December 2016 and the instrument is working great. The new features which are vacuum free operations, digital display and N2 supply are definitely a value added and product works more smoothly.

Mr. Kishore MJ,
PhD Scholar, Chemical Engineering Department, NITK Surathkal
Visit Us at NanoMed 2019
NanoMed 2019 which is going to held at Istanbul, Turkey on May 27-28, 2019 aims to bring together leading academic scientist, researchers and research scholars to share their knowledge, experience and research on the parts of nanomedicine and nanomaterials. This event will provide an international platform to scientist, researchers and to the students of nanomaterials to discuss the recent innovations and inventions.
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