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Navson Technologies’ Spin Coating machines offer the optimal reliability, longevity and performance required for material research, nanotechnology development and more. They have been finding immense applications in universities and national scientific laboratories and research institutes around the globe. They provide best in class technology for all spin coating applications. The whole range of spinners provide uncompromising precision and accuracy in operation; however, the spin coater cost or pricing differs with varying features and other parameters such as customizations in bowl sizes and materials (if required). See pricing.

There are a wide array of features and custom configurations, that are designed and manufactured to provide your research facilities a highly efficient and accurate machine to apply uniform coatings. They are also accompanied by optional accessories that are required by research scholars for their varying needs in a laboratory environment. All the scientific lab equipment manufactured by Navson Technologies are backed by skilled team experience in material research and nanotechnology development.


Spin Coater Cost

A compact spin coating machine that is packed with high performance features. Check out the precision controls required for highly effective spin coating applications on this page. Get a preview of the number of optional features, accessories with instant price quote.

When your research work requires high performance coating application, Navson Spin Coating machines offer the consistent performance you desire. They give you the flexibility required for spin coating applications for your development process to get even more efficient.

A high precision spin coating system (spin coater), it is very compact and offers highly controllable speeds. The quality programming, combined with high accuracy, and speed finds applications in various research work. With a widespread client base across various locations, Navson Technologies offers the world’s leading quality spin coating systems for the Semiconductor, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology industries.

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Spin Coating Machine Review – GRD CMR, PSG College of Technology

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Atheek P here shares some of his feedback about our instrument.

We GRD Center for Materials Research Lab recently bought spin coater from #Navson Technology which is lightweight and compact. It is working in good condition. 

Atheek P is a Research Scholar at GRD CMR, PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.


Research Meets Industry

Navson Technologies has been featured among the 10 Best Startups to Work for Chennai – We are glad to share this update with students of science looking to make an impact in the world of research equipment. Navson gives opportunities to people not just to showcase their talent and skills, but also to directly and indirectly serve the great and honorable researchers of this world by developing world class instruments for them. Being an organization which believes in strong intrapreneurship values, our people get the chance to exercise their own style of working and executing goals. The Navson family as we call it, doesn’t draw boundaries between on-the-job and off-the-job interactions.

We work towards getting each of our team member the mentorship they require to excel in their path and career. Right from external advisors to ‘pitch your project’ initiative, we ensure that every person in Navson creates a space of their own. Our people are encouraged to fix their own work-life balance according to their workload and priorities. We strongly believe that goals set by oneself always have a pressing influence on the person than the ones set by others.

10 Best Startups to Work For Chennai - 2020 - Silicon India - Navson Technologies
Silicon India – Ranked Navson Technologies in Ten Best Startups to work for in Chennai – 2020

Having started in 2016 with a vision to serve the research community, Navson aspires to make experimentation/experimental research a more easy and smooth process in order to prioritize the articulation of science and experiments than the experiment itself. The research field and its supporting industries have often been seen as a niche category by many youngsters passing out of undergrad who prefer to serve the MNCs. Product development can be real fun when compartmentalized properly and executed with passion. We at Navson can proudly say that our interns and incoming team members enjoy the PD process. A new member of our development team who had interned with us earlier had been an instrumental person in developing our first large scale instrument as a part of the ‘pitch your project’ initiative, which was a bit more complex than our previous portfolio. It hadn’t been more than 2 months from the joining date, but he could gauge the demands and handle the complications of the project owing to his autonomy.

“The matter came to our notice when we were in the final year of our graduation. Our friends who were pursuing their Phd in photovoltaic cells encountered a problem while handling one particular instrument. Having keen interest in solving technological challenges, we both initiated in fixing it and were successful in the attempt that too at very less price. This triggered our curiosity and we plunged to understand the demand of such approaches in the industry. To our surprise we found that the market is in dire need of such approaches mainly in the Semiconductor and Nanotechnology space. The research community has always been in extreme need of such affordable and within reach facilities which can shape their breadth of view onto reality in the most convenient manner,”

Aakaash V, CEO & Co-Founder

Technology is beyond any doubt one of the greatest boons bestowed to mankind by the substantial polymath of the society. These approaches have tremendously modified as well as simplified the manner of living. These wouldn’t have been made possible if not for the great inventions and innovations ever since time.