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    Spray Pyrolysis NTPY01



    1. Actuator: Stepper motor
    2. Drive speed X axis: 10 – 800mm / sec
    3. Drive speed Y axis: 1 – 12mm / sec
    4. Sprayer traverse X – Y 200mm max.
    5. Dimension: 150 x 150mm (Customizable size and shape)
    6. Temperature RT to 500° C (± 1°C)
    7. Power input 230V, 50Hz single phase


    Dr. Achanta Venugopal

    TIFR Bombay

    “Innovative idea to automate repetitive measurements. Navson has demonstrated their expertise in automation through their Spin Coater interface. The idea of automating repetitive measurements would help researchers in many walks off science and engineering. The young team at Navson will be able to provide innovative and cost effective solutions.”

    Dr. Vijay Mishra

    Ex-CEO, CeNSE, IISc Bangalore

    “Excellent creative imagination for automatic experiments !”