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Navson Technologies’ Spin Coating machines offer the optimal reliability, longevity and performance required for material research, nanotechnology development and more. They have been finding immense applications in universities and national scientific laboratories and research institutes around the globe. They provide best in class technology for all spin coating applications. The whole range of spinners provide uncompromising precision and accuracy in operation; however, the spin coater cost or pricing differs with varying features and other parameters such as customizations in bowl sizes and materials (if required). See pricing.

There are a wide array of features and custom configurations, that are designed and manufactured to provide your research facilities a highly efficient and accurate machine to apply uniform coatings. They are also accompanied by optional accessories that are required by research scholars for their varying needs in a laboratory environment. All the scientific lab equipment manufactured by Navson Technologies are backed by skilled team experience in material research and nanotechnology development.


Spin Coater Cost

A compact spin coating machine that is packed with high performance features. Check out the precision controls required for highly effective spin coating applications on this page. Get a preview of the number of optional features, accessories with instant price quote.

When your research work requires high performance coating application, Navson Spin Coating machines offer the consistent performance you desire. They give you the flexibility required for spin coating applications for your development process to get even more efficient.

A high precision spin coating system (spin coater), it is very compact and offers highly controllable speeds. The quality programming, combined with high accuracy, and speed finds applications in various research work. With a widespread client base across various locations, Navson Technologies offers the world’s leading quality spin coating systems for the Semiconductor, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology industries.

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