Use Of Spin Coater In Science Labs

Growing interest in semiconductor, biotechnology, and nanotechnology research is driving up demand for high quality science lab equipment. And among the list of science laboratory equipment, spin coaters and spin processors are increasingly finding more space than ever before. So if you are handling valuable and fragile substrates, and are looking for spin coating machines that are designed for fitting into chambers such as Glove Box, checkout the NT12000.


Scientific lab equipment: Why spin coater?


New research frontiers at science labs opening new opportunities


Scientists and researchers working in labs require low-cost deposition of thin films like photoresists and inorganic films. Here, spin coating machines help get relatively homogeneous surface on the nano scale. The other uses of spin coating is for

  1. Deposition of sol-gels
  2. Deposition of ceramics
  3. Dry lamination
  4. Dip coating
  5. Spray coating

and more


Like In Nano Science Labs


Nano science labs require equipment that are compact in design and come with the latest technology. Many of their requirements are custom specifications to help them work on industry leading processes. Here high quality spin coaters are increasingly being demanded for research and development works.


Spin Coater NT12000


Navson’s spin coater meet such demand for uniform, high precision, thin film fabrication. It’s simple step programming and chucks for a wide range of substrate sizes make it an ideal fit for nanotechnology labs. See this link (Specifications – Spin Coater NT12000) to know more.

So if you are looking for scientific laboratory equipment, add a spin coater to your list.