We at Navson are a dedicated and passionate team constantly innovating experimental research and striving to achieve Open-Innovation, Precision and Quality in every product that we develop.

Senior Management

V. Aakaash, CEO  linkedin-scientific-lab-equipment-manufacturer-india

An engineer at heart and entrepreneur at work, Aakaash co-founded Navson Technologies. He is a key player in the IP development in the products starting with his first patent for the Universal Chuck used in Spin Coating equipment. Aakaash is a creative and motivated tech person who leads the projects in the company.

V.V. Rajasekhar, Director  linkedin-scientific-lab-equipment-manufacturer-india

Entrepreneurial right from an early age, Rajasekhar has always focused on finding different paths to break open barriers to the next level of research. He spent most of his undergrad days in nanotechnology research labs where he co-founded the company along with Aakaash.

“Randomness is relative”

V.V. Viswanadh, Director  linkedin-scientific-lab-equipment-manufacturer-india

An established structural engineer and the founder of Civil Engineering Consultancy Firm, Vax Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Viswanadh graduated from IIT-M and worked for a brief period of time. During this time, he felt a strong drive to chase his dreams and start his venture following which he eventually quit his job and founded his company.

Advisory Board

Dr. Achanta Venugopal, TIFR Mumbai  linkedin-scientific-lab-equipment-manufacturer-india

A Senior member of IEEE, Optical Society of America and Optical society of India, Venugopal holds double PhD from Tokyo University and TIFR. An incredibly resourceful person and a passionate researcher, he has published over 90 papers and presented on numerous events in conferences and visits. He is a dynamic person with a drive to constantly innovate and has helped Navson refine its products to meet the customers’ expectations precisely.

Dr. Vijay Mishra CEO CeNSE, IISc Bangalore  linkedin-scientific-lab-equipment-manufacturer-india

As research entrepreneur Vijay has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs with this mentorship and guidance to materialize and establish businesses. A visionary in fostering entrepreneurship in millennials, he has established business incubator in CeNSE.