By nature, the experiment involves spreading the solution with centrifugal force. This will give
ripples when either the solution quantity is in excess or the speed/acceleration is lower than
required. (Few other factors might also result in ripple formation)

  • Low maintenance
  • Highly efficient
  • Long life span
  • High torque to weight ratio

All Spin Coaters are not necessarily Glove Box friendly. In order to satisfy this criterion, the
instrument must be compact and simple. To achieve this, it is recommended that the device be
standalone device (without the need of a vacuum pump).

This helps the researchers to quickly recall and replay a program from the past. This helps in judging
the repeatability and its parameters. NT12000 stores not only the program data, but also the details
of the experiment which will equip the researcher with the data quickly.

Though the spin coating process has its own way to judge the resultant thickness, researchers often
encounter a problem with narrowing down to the required parameters. This equation will help them
perform experiments without and delay in calculation so that they arrive at the perfect mix of
parameters quickly.

This maybe required for several reasons, few of the important ones being coating highly viscous
solutions and to achieve extremely thin films. With high acceleration, the outward force increases
exponentially, possibly even removing ripples formed on the film.

  1. Can switch between vacuum and vacuum-less chucks at ease.
  2. Makes more space for cleaning the chamber and makes it comfortable to reach to the
  3. If the chuck is accidentally damaged, replacement is quick and effortless.

Vibrations in the horizontal plane will cause differences in centrifugal force in different points of the
substrate which will result in more dispersion along few radially outward lines and less among the
rest whereas vibrations in the vertical plane will result in ripples, deformation and undulations in the

  • This allows the instrument to be compact and standalone. With this, it can be fitted into any
    space. This becomes an important point because the spaces in labs are at a premium and
    should be used wisely.
  • In addition to it, higher RPMs can be achieved which is not possible in the case of vacuum-
    based Spin Coaters due to the limited vacuum pressure that can be applied on the
  • Reduces the time between two successive experiments without the need to switch the
    vacuum pump.