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    Specifications - Spin Coater NT12000

    UV Curing (Optional)

    RPM Range

    100 - 12000

    Acceleration Capability

    (0-12000 in 1.5 seconds)


    +- 50 RPM

    Number of Steps


    Complete Program Duration

    1000 seconds
    (with n number of steps)

    Chuck Accommodation

    Groove type to fit in 4 types of substrates 4 inch dia, 2 inch dia, Microscopic glass slide and Cover Slip


    Upto 3 years

    Program Storage Facility

    Internal Memory: 32 GB
    External Memory: Pen Drive

    Detailed Specifications

    Navson Spin Coaters

    Designed for fitting into chambers such as Glove Box, the NT12000 is capable of ramping with an acceleration of 8000 RPM/s and a highest RPM of 12000 making it unique in its class. It uses a vacuum-free mechanism to hold the substrates (PATENT PENDING).


    Product Features

    1. Touch screen to ease data feeding/programming
    2. Enhanced vibration damping to prevent cracks and undesirable effects on the thin film so formed
    3. High acceleration to explore and achieve new results
    4. High stability of run (i.e less oscillation from the SET RPM)



    I was impressed with the professional attitude of Navson Technologies staff when they visited our institute to showcase their instrument NT12000 that operates without the need for vacuum pump. Subsequently we initiated procurement of this item and from day one their sales and technical staff worked with us to deliver it on time. This is working fine with us and they provide us all the after sales support. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for this product to get in touch with them at the very earliest.

    Dr. M.N. Satyanarayan,
    Associate Professor, Physics Department, NITK, Surathkal
    I congratulate Navson on their StartUp. We are using their instrument NT12000 since last December 2016 and the instrument is working great. The new features which are vacuum free operations, digital display and N2 supply are definitely a value added and product works more smoothly.

    Mr. Kishore MJ,
    PhD Scholar, Chemical Engineering Department, NITK Surathkal
    “Excellent creative imagination for automatic experiments!”

    – Dr. Vijay Mishra, Ex-CEO, CeNSE, IISc Bangalore
    “Innovative idea to automate repetitive measurements. Navson has demonstrated their expertise in automation through their Spin Coater interface. The idea of automating repetitive measurements would help researchers in many walks off science and engineering. The young team at Navson will be able to provide innovative and cost effective solutions.”

    – Dr. Achanta Venugopal, TIFR Bombay

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