Youngsters In Technology Commercialization

Navson’s CEO Mr. Aakaash V. receiving a token of appreciation following his speech on “Getting Industry ready 2020”. With a strong vision to encourage students to pursue entrepreneurship in ‘not-so-popular’ fields, Aakaash emphasized the need for youngsters in technology commercialization.

Navson’s CEO Mr. Aakaash V. receiving the token of appreciation

Science, technology and innovations

This coming in the days of Atmanirbhar Bharat where the use of science, technology and innovations is critical in facilitating economic growth. Where commercialization of technology is critical to drive the transition of new innovative products from the research stages to the marketplaces and generate revenue for the stakeholders.

Technology Commercialization

Youngsters are driving these developments in the field of technology and their efforts are impacting the lives of people worldwide. Here, commercialization is helping youngsters, working in the fields of research, improve their careers and inspire others to pursue entrepreneurship in ‘not-so-popular’ fields.