Spin Coater Machine Updates


Everyone in the field of scientific research and laboratory work knows what spin coating technique is. When they require a tool to apply thin film uniformly on a flat substrate, they use a spin coater’s centrifugal force to get the job done with finesse. As a spin coating machine manufacturer and supplier in India, it’s proud to share that Navson spinners are reputed for the advance features, that are required in today’s nanotechnology labs. The machines are being used to deliver spin coated thin films ranging from a few nanometers to a few microns and these thin films are then being extensively used in a large spectrum of technology products and solutions. If you want to quickly and easily produce very uniform thin films with the superior most quality, the NT12000 will be the best suitable machine.

Two examples of spin coater machine use

Spin coating technique, as discussed above, is used for uniform and low cost deposition of thin films on the nano scale, like polymers, on different substrates, like for photoresists. So the micro electronics industries across the globe use spin coaters for fabrication of nanostructured thin films.

Microelectronics Industry

So a fluoropolymer like the Teflon AF®, that is used in the biomedical industry as well as energy harvesting products requires thin films for their micro-nanostructure functions.

The other uses of such nanostructures can be seen in optical fiber cladded products, in photolithography, and electronics for high-speed computing circuitry.

Super-hydrophobic coatings

For applications that require non-wetting and low-friction coatings, super hydrophobic coatings on a nano scale are desired.

Like scientists have used spin coaters to fabricate super hydrophobic coatings on glass surfaces with high levels of chemical, thermal, and mechanical stability .

New technical advancements in extremely diverse industries with varied end-use applications, today require thin films on the nano scale. Here, researchers who want to quickly deposit chemical solutions, with widely differing properties and performance criteria, resort to spin coaters.